Modern Landscape Design for a Bangkok Riverside Home

Nested in a suburban wake park in Bangkok, this traditionally designed Thai house is in a great location. Quiet, and off the beaten track. However, it was definitely in need of landscaping work, and one of the main things that let this home down was the uneven driveway. The owner called Thai Garden Design, as he was interested in creating a modern landscape design for a Bangkok Riverside Home.

garden tropical landscaping ideas
The old pavers stones are removed

The owner had clear ideas about how he would like to use the space, and presented his own designs. The team worked with him to bring these plans to life.

tropical landscapes in thailand
The old landscape was breaking up, uneven, ugly

The main element of the project was to re build the crumbling driveway. Previous owners had installed a blockwork drive, which had had it’s sand foundations washed away, and tree roots were breaking through in many locations. 

stamp concrete bangkok thailand
The driveway is now clean, strong and adds so much to this home

Large foliage trees were removed completely, along with the roots, and a thick concrete slab was installed around front, sides and backside of the house. A combination of grey sandwash and London cobblestone stamped concrete, in black, matches but is almost a complete contrast to the traditional face of the building.

stamped driveways
Lovely London cobblestone effect

But it works.

concrete driveway bangkok
Clean, level lawn. A huge difference

Hardscape & Softscape Success

The driveway has made the whole front and sides attractive and accessible. Towards the backside, the large lawn area was divided into sections by sandwash borders in a split level design, which gradually lowers towards the lake. 

garden tropical landscaping ideas
Sandwash curbs now split the garden

A wooden decking walkway leads to the riverside, where a BBQ area is located, in the far corner.

modern garden design thailand
Split level garden design 

The project is a clear illustration of how a garden and surrounding hardscape can transform a home. The face of this house is now a successful combination of modern vs traditional, a wonderful mix of hardscape and softscape. 

patterned concrete bangkok
The new driveway extends past the home, into the garden area at the back

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