Amazing Water Features for Bangkok Condominiums

This exciting project was given to the Thai Garden Design team by Kiarthi City Condominium, in the heart of Central Bangkok. Kiarthi contacted the team as they were looking for a way to improve their lobby entrance. Having searched for water features for Bangkok Condominiums, they had discovered us at Thai Garden Design. 

landscape ponds thailand
The old pond is not very attractive

After several visits and discussions with management, work began with the new decoration of this old feature. 

landscape architect bangkok
The pond is modified for the waterfall

Several important aspects would make up the job.

garden ponds thailand
Rock are put into position and planned

Emptying and re-housing the fish, into an oxygenated area was the first task. Once the pond was empty, the sides and floor were cleaned and resealed, to ensure old cracks or leaks are fixed.

thailand waterfall designer
The old pond is sealed

Rock types were chosen and brought to the site, and the rock work and waterfall was gradually constructed. Shelves and cascading pools were built into the waterfall, part of the overall design

waterfall features for condos

thailand pond and waterfall
Wow factor with this new feature from the condo

Project duration

In total, the project took the Thai Garden Design team 10 days, start to finish, including installation of waterfalls (two sides), lighting, pumps with filtration systems, air stones, and tropical planting. 

pond designer thailand
The team are experts with rock designs

The new water feature is an amazing success, and a far cry from the old pond. A complete transformation. The residents can now be proud to welcome visitors to the condominium. Water Features for Bangkok Condominiums can be a very important element of any hotel entrance or business frontage. 

pond waterfall designer bangkok
The sounds from the waterfall is very compelling …

All switches, pumps and lighting are controlled by automatic timers, and all plants were chosen for their low maintenance properties and attractive foliage.

rock waterfall designs
Air stones make lovely bubble effects

Natural, fish friendly blue dye is added to the water. This looks amazing in the light, and when the fish are added, will be truly a wonderful spectacle. 

rock waterfall designs
The cascading shelves are well planned and executed

So if you want to improve your business entrance, condominium lobby area, or general landscape, contact us here at Thai Garden Design.


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