HDPE Pond Liner Installation in Thailand

In this latest project that took place in Pathum Thani, North Bangkok, the owners was a experienced and keen pond enthusiast. Having studied previous water feature work by Thai Garden Design, he was interested to see if HDPE Pond Liner Installation in Thailand could be performed by the team. 

pond planning thailand
The initial landscape is barren, and the pond floor is not attractive

Within the large grounds, he already owned a large ‘hole in the ground’ which for reasons unknown, had remained empty for the last few years.

pond landscaping bangkok
Gradients for the pond sides have been cut and sculpted

Surrounding ponds were still full, so the owner was confused as to the reasons his water level had dropped off. 

landscape plan thailand
The concept design was approved by the owner

Having discussed options with the Thai Garden Design team, the decision was made to ‘line’ the pond with a 1mm thick HDPE liner. This would hold water in the pond, allowing it to be more beautiful, and usable.

thailand pond liners
The team plan the liner, stretched across the bottom of the pond

Pond Design with HDPE Liners

Inlet and overflow pipes were created, and the team used diggers and machinery to flatten the pond floor, and build up and smooth over the edges. A rock edge was planned, so several shelves were cut into the top edge. These would be where the rocks sat, and at the same time, held the liner in position.

pond liner gun thailand
The pond liner team seal the pond

Also the upper garden were also landscaped, and re-designed.

hdpe rubber pond liner
The liner has been installed. Over 500 sqm of liner

After a few days, the pond liner was installed, and the team sealed the liner with a heat gun, and landscaped the edges with decorative rock. The sala feet were also sealed, so the liner would be completely water tight.

garden tropical landscaping ideas
Wondeful new landscaped pond, grass and garden

The resulting pond, which has a floor and edge area of over 500 sqm, is now a real sight to behold. A beautiful looking, landscaped pond. The surrounding gardens were designed with a simple concrete walkway, and decorative tropical planting, plus new tropical grass. 

thailand landscapers
The finished landscape is a dream

The owner is interested to create his own Thai themed restaurant. with dedicated sitting areas, amongst the tropical pond landscape.

Do you have a large pond style hole in your landscape? Are you are interested to make this a wonderful feature of your garden, restaurant or business? Then installing a HDPE liner might be the best step forward. Contact the Thai Garden Design team for more information on HDPE Pond Liner Installation in Thailand.


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