Tropical Garden Inspiration … The Clouds Garden, Hua Hin

This landscaped garden at the Clouds, Hua Hin, has all the elements, and in the final presentation, is a real Tropical Garden Inspiration. 

garden company hua hin
Random cut stones and pieced together to form the pergola terrace

Thai Garden Design were contacted by an expat family residing in the hills of Hua Hin.

landscaping hua hin thailand
The stone terrace and pond have taken their shape

Having recently purchased a large home, the garden was mainly bare, save for few coconut trees and grass.

pond designer in thailand
The waterfall and pond are slowly coming into view …

The customer was keen to create something special, and as the back garden area was substantial, felt like it was missing something. 

pergola designs and installation
The new modern style pergola is fitted with fans, plugs and a natural stone terrace floor

The design team came up with a large family friendly space in the center of the back garden area.

garden designer hua hin
A great addition to any tropical garden

This would include an impressive pond and waterfall, stone terrace, and shade pergola, to offer a gathering space for family and friends during the day time.

amazing pond builder tropical thailand
An amazing feature in any Thai garden …

Complimenting this central area would be a surrounding tropical garden of palms, plants and trees, along with an automatic sprinkler system, to ensure the ongoing health of the garden. 

landscaped waterfall in thailand
The terrace and new pond give the family a large space to relax

The results speak for themselves, and the new garden has the refreshing sounds of cascading waterfalls. Improved planting has given shape to the space, which is surrounded by tall walls, now decorated with different foliage and colors. 

sprinkler system hunter x-core
The new sprinkler keeps all beds and grass nice and wet

Pathways and rock gardens are spaced at key areas, to allow free and easy access to the new terraced area. It is a hit with all visitors to the home. 

new pond building in hua hin
The view from the end of the pond, on the new stone terrace

If you are building, planning to build, or have purchased a new home in Thailand, and need some tropical garden inspiration, then get in touch with Thai Garden Design. We can plan and execute your perfect tropical garden in Thailand. 


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