Total Tropical Garden Install for New Hua Hin Expats

The landscape team at Thai Garden Design recently helped a Scandinavian couple complete their dream move to Thailand by installing this brand new tropical garden at their newly built home in the mountains of Hua Hin, Prauchuap Khiri Kahn. The owner had contacted the team six months previous to the installation to arrange a garden design, which was amended and discussed over the proceeding weeks, to ensure a smooth and seamless install. 

tropical landscaped garden thailand

The landscape plan included a variety of ground covers, mid range foliage and tall palm trees, including coconut palms and a large bismarck palm. Despite having a set plan in place, the team as always are willing to work with the customer to ensure they are happy with the location and positioning of all the supplied plants and foliage. 

tropical turtle pond hua hin

Part of the design included this lovely tropical turtle pond (picture above) which included a waterfall and spotlights, all easily switched on and off from the main terrace area. 

landscaped garden thailand

The newly constructed house meant there was a surplus of building material and compacted earth on site, so the team began by removing all construction debris and cleaning up the existing soil. New, good quality earth was brought onto the site, so that the new garden and grass would grow well now and in the future. 

landscape designs thailand

Also, for ease of maintenance, a complete sprinkler system (Hunter) was installed, connected to the existing water tanks of the house. This easily programmable system means that the owners have complete peace of mind that the garden will be fully watered, even when they are abroad or away from the house for any length of time. 

garden buddha thailand

Finally, the team helped arrange the viewing and selection of various attractive garden art, used around the garden. This large metal Buddha statue was positioned at the entrance of the garden, facing West, the direction of sun down.

If you are in Thailand and need assistance with your garden landscaping, we can help you. Contact the team at Thai Garden Design for more information. 

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