Thai Garden Design Develop Amazing Children’s Garden for International School – Ecole Francais Internationale Pattaya

The team at Thai Garden Design are pleased to announce the new finished children’s garden at new new school being constructed by Ecole Francais Internationale Pattaya.

After: The mini car track will be a great place to teach the kids the rules of the road …

As an award-winning school, the Ecole Francais Internationale Pattaya wanted to partner with a team that could offer them both impressive design and installation landscaping services. Thai Garden Design presented different designs, which were finalized, and the team got to work.

Before: New earth is brought onto the site

The land before the team arrived was completely barren, with large areas of unusable gravel and concrete. This was all completely renewed during the landscape renovation.

During: This turf block paving can be planted with grass and used for sports

Many Interesting Landscaping Features

The exciting new landscape design consisted of many features: a hilled climbing tube, graded hills, a large sand pit, log stepping stones, sitting areas and a selection of paved hardscapes, and lots of tall shade trees.

After: A fun filled landscape for the new children …

But the main feature was this wonderful racing track, designed for both cycling, mini cars and jogging! Here the teachers plan to have fun with the children, teaching them how to navigate the roads safely and respectfully.

The road is set and coloured

Low Maintenance is Key!

The team initially installed all of the hardscaping elements, and then followed up with pathways, taller trees, perimeter trees, and finally earth, sand and sun loving grass.

Getting closer: The new landscape is beginning to take shape …

The tree list is a tough mix of both evergreen and tropical foliage: hedge trees frame and cover the outer perimeter wall, tall Terminalia ivorensis and McArther palms decorate the interior, helping to create shade. Hardy cordylines and bougainvillea add colour and interest in the many nooks of this garden.

A glorious new garden to attract parents to this new school …

The final garden is a fantastic array of green lush tropical trees, fun hardscaping, and easily accessible pathways, nooks and places to play!

The new garden is a real sight to behold …

Another successful partnership, and another successful landscaping achievement. If you need help with your tropical garden project in Thailand, you’ve found us… Contact Thai Garden Design for assistance.


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