Landscaping Design and Overhaul for Ekkamai Garden, Bangkok

The team at Thai Garden Design have been involved in the complete landscape renovation of this large garden in Ekkamai, Bangkok. The owners were interested in renting out their newly purchased property, but interior and exterior works were needed.

A drastic change from before ….

After designs were submitted and agreed at the start of the project, the team got to work smashing and removing the many reinforced concrete pools and ponds the previous owners had constructed around the house. Care was taken at all stages not to interfere with or break the foundations and walls of the building.

Dreamy new garden in Ekkamai District, Bangkok

The entire landscape needed many trucks of new earth and soil to be brought in to re-lift the land up to it’s proper level. After this larger trees were sourced and planted, with the pipework installed for the automatic sprinkler system and lighting system.

The old pond structures (as seen above) had to be completely removed from site …

New Driveway and Modern Pergola

The team also got to work on a brand new modern pergola, befitting of the modern home, having completely removed the old structure.

The concrete for the new drive is now completely level …

The team completely re-leveled the driveway with reinforced concrete, and laid an attractive random stone pattern, to the customers desired colour.

The new driveway is nearly completed, underneath this modern pergola

Urban Tropical Gardens in Bangkok, with a touch of Modern …

The new style pergola and drive are just the introduction for this sprawling urban tropical garden, complete with full lighting and automatic sprinklers, meaning the owners don’t have to rely on local gardeners to ensure the garden gets regular water.

The new stamped drive has been sealed ….

A complete garden renovation, from Thai Garden Design. If you own a property anywhere in Thailand that needs a new landscaping facelift, you’re in the right place! Contact us here for more information.


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