Silver Sandwash Path for Pattaya Condominium Complex

Thai Garden Design recently implemented some major landscaping changes for a new condominium complex in the heart of Jomtien, Pattaya. The owners were opening a new sales office for a modern condo development, and required a large landscaping overhaul to ensure the new office made the right impression on potential customers (more on this development here).

sandwash pathway pattaya thailand

Part of the build required the team to construct a concrete sandwash pathway leading from one of the existing buildings to the new office. The pathway was to be curving, at least 1 metre wide, and to closely match the existing sandwash in the pool area.

construction thailand

After all the earth was leveled the pathway shape was created and agreed with the owner.

concrete pathway design pattaya

The pathway was then laid over three days, with expansion joints included and a nice silver sandwash finish. In total the pathway stretches over 40 metres.

new pathways bangkok pattaya

Finally, new grass is laid right up to the edge of the pathway, finishing the new look nicely.

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