Site Clearing and Landscaping Preparation for Land Surveys

Once you have purchased your plot of land in Thailand, it is essential to have a site survey, to map out all the existing land gradients, areas and contours. From here you can begin to plan your landscape and residences.

landscape design thailand kanchanaburi

The Thai Garden Design team are often involved in this initial 'clearing and cleaning' stage, so that access is easy for surveyors. In this example, an Expat is relocating his home and operations to a nice part of Thailand in Kanchanaburi, on high ground, overlooking the River Kwai. The team's job was to clear around 8 rai of land of overgrown vegetation and treescape, whilst taking care to save trees that might be of use in the future landscape.

kanchanaburi landscaping

After 4 days, the area was cleared, allowing easy access so the survey team could go ahead and the owner can begin the planning and design phases of his home and garden.

garden design thai

The whole job was fully project managed by Thai Garden Design, so there was no requirement for the owner to be present.

landscape gardener thailand

If you have a landscaping project that requires an efficient, professional and cost effective team, look no further, email for more information. We speak both Thai and English.

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