Adding Solar Panels to your Garden in Thailand

Thailand has a fantastic (if somewhat hot) tropical climate, and this means lots of sun! Lots of homeowners in Thailand are starting to realise they can limit those expensive electricity bills by adding a solar panel system to their house.

solar panels thailand bangkok

(Picture above: The Thai Garden Team building an outdoor toilet and shower for a customer in Bangkok) The solar panels are able to power certain parts of the household. In the pictures in this example, the panels power the pump for the waterfall / filter, automatic gate system, sprinkler system and all of the exterior lighting. The homeowner doesn't need to pay a thing, once the system has been installed.

solar powered house thailand

(Picture above: Solar panels, powering certain parts of the house and garden, are housed on top of the finished buildings) If you are interested in limiting your household bills, and would like to investigate how solar can benefit you, email for more information.

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