Hamish & Map’s Garden – Tropical Sitting Pergola & Raised Deck

Hamish and Map live in a part of Bangkok that was badly affected by the floods of 2011. After everything had settled, they decided to take the opportunity to improve their garden, as it had largely remained 'underused' before the floods, and they wanted to spend more time outside.

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The main feature was to be a raised deck, making it easy to walk outside, with steps at either end leading to the garden, plus, a stand alone pergola, offering shade and creating a new sitting area outside. Around this, the couple wanted to create a tropical area of planting, new grass and rocks.

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The pergola and decking have been built around half a metre away from the boundary wall, allowing enough space for planting, and the pergola has been protected with a poly carbon roof, and is slightly tilted so that during rainy periods, the runoff drains away from the house, and into the planting below (and not the neighbours garden!).

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The team also added new hardscape areas both sides of the house for practical use, and with side planting and simple pebble beds.

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The garden was designed and built by the team at Thai Garden Design. The build took just over two weeks, and also included a new lawn and flagstone pathways.

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(Picture above: Raised deck, so it is now easy to walk from the house into the garden area). If you would like a new garden design, quotations or just some straightforward changes, then email ben@thaigardendesign.com for a full and friendly consultation.

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