Shade Planting for a Tropical Rock Garden

You have a shady part of the garden that doesn’t grow good grass or have any particular use (but look bad). It’s amazing how these unwanted parts of your garden or yard can be completely transformed with a little professional help.

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(picture above: the beginnings of a shade garden, once a plain area with no notable features) You can start off by getting the area measured up and talking through the requirements. From here a professional garden design can be created, showing all the details for the proposed planting, and location of beds, pathways, and other features.

tropical rock gardening

(picture above: plants background are baby heliconia, Stromanthe sanguinea (tricolour) on the right hidden by taller heliconia). Large flat flagstones make up the pathway through the shade garden, surrounded on either side by large pebble stones and light coloured rocks. Planting frames the walkway and directs the visitor to the upper parts of the house.

tropical thailand gardens

(picture above: Ophiopogon (cat’s whiskers) in the foreground, Nephrolepis, or Boston fern to the left, and Calathea cultivar top right). The plants are chosen for their low maintenance and tolerance to the lower filtered light levels of this part of the landscape, ensuring it will thrive and look good for a long time. 

If you need assistance improving your garden in Bangkok, Pattaya, Hua Hin, or indeed, any part of Thailand (or need a garden design, no matter your global location )contact Thai Garden Design.

If you’d like to order tropical plants, and you reside in Thailand, see our plant catalogue.

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