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People often fail to realize how important the garden is. The interior of the house is usually the first area people decide to 'make good', and this is completely justified, but sometimes, with just a few changes, the owners of homes can open up the potential of 'the space outside'.

bangkok landscaper

Normally, the reason people fail to see the potential of the garden space, is because they just can't see how great it potentially can be.

garden designs bangkok thailand

(Picture above: Hardscape terrace area at the corner / sleeper pathway around edge / new lawn area free at the centre / improved planting)

bad garden pathways

This is also often the case with old pathway stones, slabs and access pathways. Residents of Thailand get used to the 'old wobbly paving' and don't give it much thought.

tile and sandwash hardscape

But why put up with old wobbly paving, when you can replace it with some serious hardscape, that looks good, eases access, and opens up areas for relaxing / deck chairs / tables and kids play pools.

typical bangkok garden

Sure, there is nothing wrong with a few border plants, blocking the view into your garden…

artificial waterfall pond bangkok

But once you replace it with a natural rock waterfall and concrete lined pond, with low maintenance planting, pebble stone borders and spotlights, which are easily turned on from the house, who can argue which is better? Contact Thai Garden Design for practical, cost effective garden designs in Bangkok.

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