Hua Hin Decking

There are many questions that need to be answered when you are planning to build a natural hardwood deck in Thailand. For one thing, there are various wood types that can be used for the job. Some are better than others.

timber deck before pictures

If possible you should try and have a clear idea about the finish and colour that you'd prefer beforehand. We've often found that owners love the natural look of the wood once the deck has been laid, and so clear deck stain is used. For deck's that will come into contact with direct sunlight or with water should have protective stain or be painted, to increase the life of the deck.

timber decking hua hin

Aside from ordering brand new wood, it is also possible to build a wooden deck using reclaimed wood, which can be cheaper, but, be careful to check what wood type you will be getting. In the example on this post, the owner used a wood type known as mai daeng, and also chose to have a Thai sala constructed to give shade to the decked area, and a pergola leading to the swimming pool.

wooden deck co hua hin

The team matched the colour of the existing pool deck, making one large seamless decked area, and a very pleasing, transformed garden. Email for information on how to improve your Thai landscape.

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