Re-grading of Grass Lawn at the Embassy of Finland, Bangkok

The Embassy of Finland, Bangkok, recently contracted the team at Pornchai Garden to help them with large scale drainage issues at their nice residence garden at their Embassy quarters in Bangkok.

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Previous contractors had advised the Embassy to install underground drainage pipes, but had failed to regrade and slope the lawn properly, so during wet periods the top layer of grass remained very wet and muddy, not nice to walk on.

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The Pornchai Garden team advised on a solution, and installed the new lawn and fixed the underlying problems within 2 weeks. The team also installed a new planting scheme throughout the gardens which will be posted later on.

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The new lawn gently slopes towards existing rainwater drains, ensuring that during heavy rainfall, the excess water runoff doesn't get the chance to 'pool'.

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Afterwards, the Finnish Ambassador to Bangkok was very happy with the final results, which were well tested, when several centimeters of rain fell immediately after the lawn had been completed!

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2 thoughts on “Re-grading of Grass Lawn at the Embassy of Finland, Bangkok”

  1. The before and after shots are very convincing. Landscaping should work really well for the lawn of an embassy. But more than that, the drainage system should work very well in countries where rain is a persistent presence.

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