Pond Liners in Thailand – High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE)

Thai Garden Design have been helping a Bangkok expat with their pond issues recently. The owner of the house inherited a natural pond without any form of liner at their traditional home in the centre of Bangkok. When discussing the various options, the customer decided to line the pond with a 1.50mm thick High-Density Polyethylene liner (HDPE) so he could maintain the level of the water and keep fish.

pond liner thailand

The team got to work and installed the liner along with a selection of plants overhanging the sides to mask the top of the liner, as well as introduce a number of water plants to help oxygenate the pond. The existing water pot feature was also reset and corrected so all was in working order.

thailand pond liners

The new look of the pond is more attractive, making spending time in the garden much more enjoyable and easy on the eye. 

thailand landscaping and ponds

If you have a troublesome pond, or need to make improvements to your garden in Thailand, contact Thai Garden Design to discuss your options. 

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  1. If you’re estimating new pond as a result of your pond possesses leaks and you wish to switch. Then please attempt Liquid Form EPDM pond liners like it created my pond as new and if you’ve got another issue then nothing is healthier than this.

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