Forget Grass – Why not install a Pebble & Rock Garden?

Grass can often present garden problems in Thailand. Firstly, if you are not the green fingered sort, or are just too busy, the maintenance requirements can be a chore. Also, fluctuating areas of light and the need to keep large trees trimmed can also turn you off.

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In this case in a garden in Bangkok, the owner was aware of the issues and decided to 'opt out' of having grass in their garden, an unusual step, but one we come across on occassion, especially for those that find it difficult to spend too much time maintaining their gardens.

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When designing a low maintenance garden that has little or no grass, underlay or geotextile can be used to halt the growth of weeds and assist drainage. In the example here, the team created borders and used attractive, low maintenance plants and pots to create an aesthetic and interesting space.

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As can be seen, the old garden was a bit of an eyesore, with patchy lumps of grass and an uneven surface. Plants were planted sporadically and with no design.

pebble and rock garden

The finished landscape is an attractive mix of pebbles, stones, timber and plants, with a small waterfall feature and sala towards the front of the garden, easily accessible from the home.

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(pic above – member of the Pornchai team putting the finishing touches to the electric switches within the new sala)  If you are in the market for a brand new, attractive garden, for a great price and straight-forward installation (testimonials here) then email

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