New Patio for Bangkok Garden received a call from an expat in Bangkok who was interested in extending their sandwash terrace at the front of their house. The homeowner kept dogs, and wanted to keep some grass available for them, but required a larger patio so his family could enjoy the garden without being on the grass.

garden designer in thailand

The team got to work preparing the appropriate piling and foundations, to ensure the longevity of the structure which measured over 70 sqm.

bangkok garden design and construction

The new patio was to be an organic shape, following the curves of the plant beds towards the front of the house. Once the soil had been removed, piling was laid down and the first concrete layers were floated.

bangkok garden design terrace and patio

The team then closely copied the patterning of the existing sandwash terrace and laid out all the tiles in the correct positions and checked that the owner was happy with the patterns.

patio terrace bangkok garden thailand

The final sandwash layer was then properly installed, giving an overall finish that matched the existing sandwash terrace. The owner was very pleased with the final results. The overall build took just less than two weeks.

patio terrace sandwash bangkok thailand

For more information on improving your Thai garden, contact [email protected] via email, or call 080 655 8110 (thai and english language).

garden designer bangkok thailand - patios

The team at Pornchai Garden take time to ensure there is no confusion involved in the building process, ensuring that all customers get the proper design, build, and end result.

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