New Large Waterfall and Pond Design at Hua Hin Garden

Thai Garden Design are currently involved in the design and build of a large tropical pond and waterfall project for an Expat homeowner in Hua Hin. The customer requires a large, attractive natural waterfall feature, with filtration, landscaping, walkways and tropical planting. The team are also installing a new sala to be located next to the finished design.

large tropical waterfall in hua hin garden prep 1

After all plans and preparations have been agreed, the team drew out the pond shape for the owners approval, including any peaks / troughs on the pond floor, plus shelving to be included along the sides for water plants.

landscaping company pond contractor thailand

A new hole is dug and the proper foundations are installed to ensure the longevity of the structure. As can be seen in the above photo's, this design is an 'ox bow' shape, with an existing tree left in position to provide some natural shade.

tropical natural rock waterfall

The large rocks that will make up the feature are brought in, ready to be positioned. This project is currently ongoing, and full pictures of the finished feature will be included on the site ASAP.

If you are in the market for natural, tropical features like ponds and waterfalls for your Thai landscape, contact for a full and free consultation. We have one of the most experienced landscaping and garden build teams in Thailand, and cater to both Thai and Expat customers.

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