New Landscaping Overhaul for Pattaya Garden

Pornchai Garden, Thailand's favourite landscaping company, were recently called by an expat who owned a large garden on the outskirts of Pattaya. The property was having a series of improvements made to it, and the owner felt the garden was in need of some help. (full 'before and after' pics here)

garden landscaping in thailand

Large areas of the ground had become hard and sandy. The existing paving stones were out of position, and looked old and tired. Existing plants were also not at their best, and the overall landscape simply required a fresh design, with new plants, grass and ideas.

landscaping design garden in pattaya

The old grass and plants were removed, a new planting scheme, sleeper pathway and nor noi grass were installed throughout. Some simple Thai statues and clay ornaments were positioned throughout the garden.

pattaya landscaping and garden

(picture above: the old landscape with grass removed, and plants beginning to take shape around the borders)

garden landscaping in thailand

(the new garden landscape, fully grassed and with new planting)

Areas around the home and pool were also re-designed and re-landscaped. Bumps and peaks were smoothed out, and an old grey brick well was completely filled and grassed over.

new pattaya landscaped garden

Existing topiary designs were re-located to less prominent regions of the garden, with a new planting scheme and walkway plan installed.

garden designer pattaya

A series of 'before and after' photos of this garden can be found here.

Are you a Pattaya home owner? If you have a garden that can do with a new, fresh design to help you enjoy your garden more, give the Thai landscaping experts a call on 080 655 8110 (english and thai) or email to discuss your ideas and requirements.

1 thought on “New Landscaping Overhaul for Pattaya Garden”

  1. The pictures say it all. We were delighted with not only the ‘finished product, but working with Pornchai Garden was a stress free, and pleasurable experience. Their design ideas were superb, and the team worked hard to create us a finished garden which was well beyond our expectations.
    Next job the pond !! See you soon guys.

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