Designing and Building a Thai Garden Stream within an Urban Bangkok Garden

You live in a city, or built up area, and you have a garden space which is not meeting it's potential. You are a bit lost with what to do with it.

garden pond in thailand garden

Here at Thai Garden Design, we come across this frequently. In the example shown here, the team advised the customer to build a natural jungle stream for keeping fish, including a whole host of new tropical plants. The layout of the pond & stream were discussed and decided on, and the team began the build.

garden stream and waterfall thailand

Within a few days the stream had been dug out and the sides brick construction and slab properly installed. Natural rock were laid into the side to help create the look the client was looking for.

thai garden designs

At either end of the stream, the team built larger pond areas, so more water plants, fish, and side planting could be included and add to the overall interest of the feature.

tropical garden pond in thailand

When finished, the stream looks completely natural, tropical, and the garden has been totally transformed from a boring space into something that is constant eye candy.

bangkok waterfall garden

(tropical garden stream above – yet to be filled with water in this picture) So the once bare, empty, urban Bangkok garden has become a lush, tropical, jungle stream, complete with filter, lighting and an automatic sprinkler system.

bangkok garden landscapes

Across the wider pond areas, large, flat rocks have been positioned to act as natural stepping stones across the water, continuing the tropical theme, as well as offering easy and safe access around the garden.

garden waterfall in thailand bangkok

And once the water is switched on, the feature jumps into life; water pouring down the apex of the waterfall, flowing into the stream, helping to cool the surrounding air, creating an amazing sound, and making the whole garden one that can be enjoyed by the occupants of the home.

If you own a garden in Thailand that needs a new design or landscaping, contact Thai Garden Design.

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