New Foliage Garden to Encourage Nature – Couple’s Garden in Hua Hin …

The Thai Garden Design team just finished installing this new lovely foliage garden for a couple residing in Central Hua Hin. The previous garden was a blank canvas of grass with some border plants. What the couple really wanted was a colourful foliage garden that helped attract birds, butterfly’s and other garden insects!

The original garden was a little bare, and non-descript

The team started out with an initial garden design that was amended over time. Once agreed, a convenient date was set and once reached the team moved in and got to work.

A simple central water pot breaks up the foliage

The Thai Garden Design team removed all the grass and leveled the area. New plants and trees arrived, and were planted ‘busily’, mainly around the perimeter of the space. A central tree was pruned and left in the design to offer shade.

A colourful stone pathway cuts through the varieties of plants

The couple were very happy with their new garden, which was designed to be colourful, generous in terms of foliage variety, and low maintenance.

A new look for this homely garden in Hua Hin

Another successful installation for the Thai Garden Design team in Hua Hin. If you need help designing and implementing the tropical garden of your dreams, contact the team here for a friendly consultation about your requirements.


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