Composite Slatted Privacy Wall, with Timber Decking in Bangkok

Thai Garden Design recently worked with an Expat couple who had just purchased a new home on the outskirts of Inner Bangkok. They were interested in making the back portion of the home private, and usable. Their ideas were that they wanted low maintenance, and durability.

Team get to work on this space

The team advised and agreed the solutions. A raised steel foundation would offer easy access from inside the home to the outside space, onto an attractive wooden decking. The area would be screened off, using a steel frame, and composite wood (fake wood) slats, which would raise the wall level to around 2.50m in height.

Slatted Wall for Complete Privacy

At this height, all surrounding gardens and houses are completely blocked out, and instead the couple have a nice, modern slatted wall where they can hang pot plants, pictures or shelves.

The screening allows air flow and offers privacy

A gate at one end means that the dog can be enclosed within the house, when the couple leave. Plus there is a little added extra security.

Newly stained deck and wall

The decking is stained with anti UV protection and adds a timeless and attractive look to this usable area of the house. If you are in the market for attractive garden solutions, contact the team at Thai Garden Design for more information!




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