Modern Tropical Designs for Bangkok Balconies

Check out this latest installation by the Thai Garden Design team, on a large residential balcony in the heart of Bangkok. Modern Tropical Designs for Bangkok Balconies are becoming a more and more popular request with the Thai Garden team.

rooftop designs bangkok
Great shaded roof top garden, in Bangkok

The planting list for these types of balconies is vital, as plants that are too weak, dainty or easily wind damaged will not survive long. Better to pick hardier, tougher plants that can stand up to high levels of sun exposure, wind resistance and general lower maintenance properties. Best to have a design in hand, from a professional, than chance the installation yourself!

tropical plants bangkok
Amazing vibrant crotons, with boston ferns and a frangipani tree …

The planting list for this balcony includes frangipani and dracaena (dragon) tree, below, with lower shrubs listed as croton (yellow coloured), multiple coloured bougainvillea, schefflera arboricola (umbrella tree), sago palms, as well as others. Thai Garden Design are able to visit your condo, apartment or garden to give advice on soil Ph, light levels, shade structures and general high level design.

bangkok balcony gardens
Great views and a lovely new planting plan for this Bangkok balcony

Many balconies within the city of Bangkok are left neglected, but with thought and design considerations, can become a favorite part of the home. Thai Garden Design specialize in rooftop and balcony design, and can pay a visit to your property to consult on options and pricing.

bangkok balcony design
This new balcony is a tropical oasis, with great views …

So if you need consultation to create your own Modern Tropical Designs for Bangkok Balconies, then contact the Thai Garden Design team for more information. Thai Garden Design have been landscaping in Bangkok and the rest of Thailand for over 25 years. We have an impressive track record designing and installation landscaped gardens for residential, commercial and industrial settings, with excellent customer testimonials.


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