Improve your Garden View, With a Vertical Garden !

Thai Garden Design recently finished off the construction of the Vertical Garden in Pattaya, for an Expat who is renovating a new home.

Due to a home extension, the perimeter wall of the home is now less than a meter away from the window, thus leaving a rather dull view from inside the home. The owner asked Thai Garden Design to come up with a solution to beautify the wall.

green wall vertical garden thai
A galvanized steel frame, with holding pots and irrigation tubes …

Thai Garden Design recommended a Vertical garden, a steel frame construction, with holding pots for soil, compost and an array of low maintenance plants. The team also rigged an automatic timer to a water faucet, close to the wall. This effective water sprinkler system operates twice daily, to keep the wall healthy.

vertical garden bangkok
This Vertical Green Wall now covers the concrete wall ..

The planting list is key – a mix of devil’s ivy, golden pothos, wart ferns and wandering jew (tradescantia zebrina) these low maintenance plants will mean the view is long lasting, with minimal maintenance requirement. The plants are potted into plastic holding pots, which contain a good amount of soil and compost mix. These are bolted onto a galvanized steel frame, which is securely fixed onto the perimeter wall.

green planted wall thailand
The new view is a great improvement from the dull concrete wall …

Now the homeowners have a wonderful new view, from inside the house, a vast improvement of the dull concrete wall before. The view itself is also changeable, with a potential large selection of plants which can be grouped together to create wonderful colours and shapes on the wall. If you need help constructing a vertical garden in Pattaya then look no further. Thai Garden Design will visit, discuss, design, plan and install from start to finish. Contact Thai Garden Design for more information.


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