Thinking of Selling? Major Pond & Waterfall Renovation in Pattaya

The Thai Garden Design team have just completed a full garden makeover and major pond & waterfall renovation in Pattaya. The customer had owned the large, impressive home for a few years and had been renting the property out to tenants.

ponds in thailand
A sad looking pond, with still water and a ‘dead’ filter system

The time had come for the customer to sell the home, and so renovation works were ongoing in the house, but the owner was very excited and keen to drastically improve the garden landscape, which had been left largely neglected.

thailand pond experts
A great new, improved waterfall

They’ll be further information posted on the garden works, but for this post one of the major factors that needed Thai Garden Design’s attention was the large central waterfall feature, and accompanying pond. As evidenced from the above picture, due to neglect the pond was an algae swamp, and the waterfall looked extremely old and tired. It was time for the team to get to work.

Waterfall and Pond Improvements

filter systems for ponds in thailand
The team rebuild the filter system

The key to the success of the project was to revamp the filtration system, which was practically non-existent. The team rebuilt the filter chambers entirely, making the filter larger, waterproofed and with proper up and under chambers for the pond water to pass. New filter mediums were sourced and UV lights were fitted.

pattaya waterfalls and water features
Amazing new waterfall, with filtered pond water

Once the filter was re-connected, the team got to work on improving the waterfall and overall look of the pond, but cladding the concrete edges with stone and rock, rebuilding the waterfall and by adding new plants.

ponds waterfalls thailand
The new waterfall is now the main feature of this large garden …

Now the waterfall is as good as new, with clean water, and a new vibrancy from the water plants and wonderful effect of rapid water flowing over into the large pond area. Now this home has had a major pond & waterfall renovation in Pattaya, it should prove a hit with prospective buyers.

If you have a property that you are interested in improving for sale, then make sure you consider the garden. The garden is often the first thing people will notice about your home! No matter how impressive the house. Get in touch with Thai Garden Design, for more information.


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