Modern Terrace for Bangkok Expat

The landscaping team at Thai Garden Design were called into a modern style house in a large housing development, to improve their garden setup and look.

thailand landscaped garden

One of the main areas focused on, was a 4 x 4m grassed area, which the owner felt was in need of drastic improvement. The couple often had people round for parties and socialising, and were worried that someone may trip accidently trip over the pebbled area or concrete barriers separating the tiles . They wanted the entire area to be re-tiled, in a similar style, and brought up to the same level.

garden design thai

The team sourced new tiles to closely match the older, existing ones, and cut in holes for drainage (previously the pebbled area). Two new modern water features were added to the corners, with the main large tree left in place with a small section for colour and planting. The new terrace is now much more modern, 'party friendly', and once again usable (trip free!).

thailand modern gardens

The team also added lighting and electrics to power the water features, which now look very nice during the evening (the team also added a modern bridge to give access across the pool – see here).

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