Pool Deck Bridge for Urban Garden in Bangkok

Residents at a property in Bangkok owned a long pool running down the central courtyard of their modern home, but were having to walk down to the end of the garden each time they wanted to cross to the other side of the garden. The owner contacted www.thaigardendesign.com to construct a nice bridge, wide enough to act as a deck, across the 5m width of the pool.

swimming pool bridges bangkok

A simple bench at one side of the deck was also required, so that when the owners were entertaining, visitors to the house can stand or sit on the bridge overlooking the pool.

swimming pool deck thailand

The bench was built using a wood suitable for outdoors and stained a dark oak colour. The bridge is now a main focal point of this modern garden, and one that also helps access around the house.

bangkok garden design

If you have a garden or landscaping problem at your home, workplace, resort, hotel or holiday home in Thailand, contact ben@thaigardendesign.com for more information on how to improve your Thai garden.

garden bridge thailand bangkok

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