Modern Decking for your Bangkok Garden

Probably the most successful, decorative and eye-pleasing way to extend your home into your garden is with a well made deck. In Thailand, hardwoods are available, but wood plastic composite (WPC) decking materials have improved over the years and are now a great option if you are thinking of adding modern decking for your Bangkok garden. 

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Steel foundation gives strength to this new feature

In this project the owners had a nice home on an estate on the outskirts of the city. There nice garden was full of tropical plants and trees, but they were interested to expand their living more permanently into the garden area.

landscape plan thailand
Beautiful finish to this decking

Solving Space Issues

Decking offers a great solution for this in Thailand, as the deck is raised above ground levels by 20-30cm , so excess water or muddy grass is always avoided if stepping from inside to outside.

garden decking in thailand
The decking has expanded the home living area

Umbrellas and shade structures are also easily placed on a good sized deck, as well as BBQ equipment, or furniture for sitting and socializing. 

modern decking bangkok
Amazing finish to this new decking

The team install wide and deep concrete footings, and construct a galvanized steel framework that will support the top deck boards. Edges and gaps are closed, to ensure any creepie’s don’t decide to live underneath this new shelter. 

beautiful thailand gardens
An extra 100 sqm has been created with the deck addition

All fixtures fitted are stainless, ensuring no rust issues in future. These decks are really built to last. The deck boards are 100% termite free. 

modern garden decking in thailand
A wondeful new decking

There are several colour options, from classic oak brown, to the version in this project (grey) to golden yellow and various other brown tones. As mentioned before, the decking is really a great way to expand out into the garden area, and thereby increasing home size by many SQM.

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The old plant beds have been left in place

If you are considering Modern Decking for your Bangkok Garden, get in touch with Thai Garden Design today. 


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