Koi Pond Designs & Installations

Thai Garden Design have a team of pond and filtration experts, who will ensure that your koi pond design in Thailand is the best it possibly can be. All elements can be discussed, designed, and amended beforehand.

koi pond and waterfall thailand

(Picture above: Fish pond for Expat in Prachinburi, Thailand) So therefore, your pond is not only properly filtered, it will be built by our landscaping team, who are expert at making things looks as natural and seamless with the surrounding landscape and any proposed planting scheme.

waterfall and pond bangkok

The customers of Thai Garden Design can also receive fully customized designs, tailored to their requirements. All items will be included with an itemized quotation once the design has been agreed.

pond thailand

(Picture above: Koi Pond in Pattaya, Thailand) So if you’re in the market for designing and constructing your own custom made koi or fish pond in Thailand, and you want the best team, contact Thai Garden Design to discuss your ideas.

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