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An expat had just had a new house constructed at a residential estate in Ban Chang, just outside Pattaya and Rayong. He contacted the Thai Garden Design team as his house was at the final stages of completion, almost ready to move in, but his garden remained un-grassed and therefore inaccessible, as walking on the bare earth meant bring dirt and mess into the new house. The owner sent the team a series of pictures and measurements, and the team arrived within three days.

garden grass services thailand

The ground was rather stoney from the previous construction. Large rocks and stones were removed and the ground was turned over and prepared for the new turf, which was also chosen for the conditions of the garden orientation and exposure. 

garden services pattaya rayong

The ground was rolled and advice was given on maintenance to ensure the longevity of the new lawn.

lawn and garden thailand

The garden is now accessible and more attractive, ensuring this garden is a welcome part of the household. If you are in need of garden grass services in Thailand, contact the Thai Garden Design team.

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  1. Hi Thai Garden Design; the garden is doing well. Thank you to you and all your workforce for doing a great job, best regards Roy.

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