Garden & Landscape Design for Workplace Recreational Areas

The tropical climate means outdoor eating and relaxing are a normal part of the day, and many workplaces and offices in Bangkok and Thailand have some form of relaxation area outside. Pornchai Garden received a call to assist in re-developing and re-landscaping an office recreational area that had become completely unusable over time.

bangkok garden design

The owner wanted the surrounding areas developed whilst keeping the basic terrace and furniture. The Pornchai team began by digging in new trees (above), and then installing grass, landscaping rocks and colourful plants (below).

bangkok garden design and landscaping

The final look is a drastic change from before. This recreational area is now an inviting place to sit, especially as the new trees offer better shade. Areas close to the main office have also been re-designed, and the new garden is a positive change for both customers and employees.

thailand garden company

New pebble beds, rockface, tropical plants and an attractive design really make a great impression. If you own a business in Thailand, don't delay, improve your business image by improving your landscape, it's not as expensive as you might think. Email for a friendly consultation about your Thai landscape.

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