Tropical Tree Landscaping in Thailand

'Looking at the yard before you arrived was like looking at nothing' – the words of the owner of this factory based in Central Thailand.

When the business began a few years ago, a few of the Thai workers had arranged to plant grass and trees, but they were never successful.. All that remained were some lila wadee trees (plumeria frangipani) and bare soil. Largely, the landscape had become forgotten… Until the Pornchai Garden team were contacted.

thailand tropical trees

With a given budget, Thailand's favourite landscaping team transformed this once barren landscape into a real headturner, just what the owners wanted for their business. The parched, dry soil has been rejuvinated with fresh grass, new trees and rock features.

bangkok gardens

New palm trees attract attention from the roadside, and the new bright facade creates an inviting atmosphere for all who view it.

thailand gardens

If you want to improve your Thai garden, or business premises, give [email protected] an email or call 080 655 8110 (Thai or English).

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