Creating Tropical Gardens in Bangkok City Landscape

Thai Garden Design fully planned and installed the new and beautiful gardens at the Ambassador of Singapore’s residence in Bangkok. In tandem with this installation, the landscape team also installed the Tropical Gardens in the Bangkok Singapore Embassy grounds, which had altogether different challenges. 

garden designs and plans
The Embassy grounds now look just like a sophisticated tropical garden

Firstly, the Embassy grounds are mainly concreted, with high and heavy grey walls, built to last. They are generally not considered as places of beauty, or relaxation, but more of strength and institution. 

indoor plants thailand bangkok
Indoor pots and plants have changed the Singapore Chancery

The challenge was to inject greenery into the buildings, to create a more tropical feel and atmosphere. 

tropical landscape for offices
A modern new look for the Embassy entrance steps

A mix of planters were chosen for their sizes and a colour scheme was approved. The plant and tree selection was a mix of hardy indoor and outdoor plants that would need minimal care and that would also provide a wow factor needed to make an impact. 

garden planning and installations
The cleaned up back gardens are now very nicely arranged

Behind the main Chancery building is a large perimeter area leading to different sections of the building, used for traversing or general storage. This area was drastically improved, the flooring was cleaned up and with new neutral colored pebbles were installed, along with anti-weed underlay. Planting beds were improved and added to. 

tropical garden experts bangkok
Beautiful new walkways are apparent around the Embassy

The grounds, entrances, interior and several floors were included in the scope, with new potted plants and indoor plants, adding character and greenery to what was a sterile space. Full maintenance and training were provided to the in-house garden teams. 

thailand garden planning
lipstick palm and fan palms bangkok

The Embassy of Singapore team were extremely happy with the results, with both the Ambassadors residences and Chancery building have a green renovations. If your own a business or wish to improve your tropical Gardens in Bangkok, or your workspace with additional indoor or potted plants, then get in touch with Thai Garden Design today, for full design and installation services provided. 


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