Professional Landscape Design and Planning in Thailand

Why should you hire a landscape designer in Thailand? Professional Landscape Design and Planning in Thailand is different to most landscaping globally due to Thailand’s unique climate.

landscape hua hinAt most times of the year Thailand is hot, humid with little to no rainfall. At other times it is cooler for weeks at a time, and for a few months between July and October, there is extreme rainfall.

bangkok landscape garden
The new garden is a complete transformation …

The Thai climate therefore presents various challenges to landscapers and keen gardeners alike. It’s imperative to design for gardens that can withstand or survive these huge weather fluctuations, or you’ll be forever replacing your plants.

tropical gardener
This plan for a Bangkok International School was brought to reality …

At Thai Garden Design we have over 25 years experience in designing and installation landscaped tropical gardens for all kinds of home and organizations. Our experience leads us to only recommending the toughest plants, trees, materials and grass types that will thrive and look good in the long term. 

amazing ponds bangkok
This amazing new pond welcomes guests to the home

Also there are many types of soil depending on the surrounding geography, and these need to be studied in order to recommend the correct plant and grass types for each project. 

garden design company
Sublime views from this wonderful Thai garden

Certain plants need different soil and weather conditions, sun exposed or shade loving, so it is vital the correct palms, shrubs and ground covers are supplied. 

The new garden offers visual relief for all guests ..

Structures, decking, pergolas and ponds also need to be designed and built in the right way, and with the correct materials. Very common it is to see decking buckle after just a couple of years, or structures rust and break up, these often need replacing at the customers expense. 

The new garden design is a spectacular display …

So it’s important to hire the right people, the same as in any field. If you have a landscaping project and would like to partner with a company that provides professional landscape design and planning in Thailand, congratulations, you’ve found us! Contact us here at Thai Garden Design for a friendly chat about your dream garden requirements. 


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