Lovely Urban Garden in Patta Village, Pattaya

The team were welcomed to design this lovely urban garden at the popular Patta Village development, just on the outskirts of Pattaya. 

landscaper thai
There was not a garden, before the team arrived ..

Having the home finished, the Chinese expat owners were scratching their heads about landscaping possibilities. They new they wanted something colorful, low maintenance, and beautiful. 

patta village gardens
Now the garden is amazing, bright and welcoming

They took advantage of the Thai Garden Design design service, and after several drafts, they approved a nice plan which included all their dream features. The team got to work. 

garden company pattaya
A mix of stones, pavers and grass and plant beds make the garden a lush mix

Geotextile fabric was installed at the edge, where the rock gardens would be installed (so future weeds would be kept at bay) and the plant list was sourced and delivered. After just 3 days, the new garden was completed. And what a sight it was. 

garden design company
home pond designs pattaya

A large waterfall pond lays at the center of the main garden, with the surrounding portions decorated with broad leaf grass, colorful exotic tropical plants, natural stone pavers, rock gardens, and a wooden decked terrace at the back of the garden / house.

pattaya gardener
A beautiful homely garden has been created

A black steel bench feature, and hardwood swing were included in the design, becoming an inviting nook at the wider end of the landscape, somewhere to unwind in this urban space. 

pattaya garden designs
What a difference a landscaped garden makes to a home …

A successful design was translated into a wonderful new garden, which would thrive for years to come. If you are an Expat in Thailand and want assistance to design and install a lovely urban garden, then get in contact with Thai Garden Design today. We will help design and build your dream garden in Thailand. 


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