Beautiful Landscaped Garden for Ambassador of Singapore

Thai Garden Design recently won the contract to re-design and re-landscape the Ambassador of Singapore residential garden, and Director Generals residential garden, at their respective homes in the leafy suburbs of Sathorn. The team were very grateful to have the opportunity to plan and develop a Beautiful Landscaped Garden for each of these very important diplomats to Thailand. 

tropical landscaping
The Thai Garden Design team made a real mess, before the new garden was installed …

The Thai Garden Design team also won the bid to improve the Embassy grounds, including the Chancery, but a later post will cover this part. 

landscaping designs and gardener
Mature trees were trimmed, pruned and in some cases removed

The design process took several months of amendments, budgeting and planning, with installation coming soon after agreement.

landscaped garden bangkok
The new garden is very attractive to all residents and visitors

There was also a tight time schedule. The existing gardens had been left unattended for some time, with only basic care and watering, so the team had a careful task of removing unwanted trees, and intensive pruning and branch cutting.

tropical landscaped garden bangkok
Clean and Interesting Design now decorate all parts of the landscape

A complete design revamp was required to make these gardens look great again. New walkways, rock gardens, social areas and tropical planting was planned. A new lighting system was also discussed and selected with the Ambassador.

landscaper in bangkok thailand
The old pond was an eyesore. The new pond has been brought back to life

The driveway fountain at the entrance to the home was remodeled, re-plastered and painted, bringing it back to it’s former glory. 

thailand landscaping
A new lawn is the main relaxing area for the Ambassadors family

All the grass beds, which has died due to lack of light, could now thrive again after the tree pruning, and the beds were re-soiled, leveled and grassed. New tropical plants were selected and arranged and planted around the perimeter. 

garden design in the tropics
The new garden is like a tropical oasis for the residents

New walkway stones, random cut stone, geo-textile underlay, and bright rock gardens were planned and installed. 

jungle style landscaping
Unique planting plans, with modern clean landscape design …

A New Family Garden

The result for both gardens is simply stunning. The combination of existing foliage, new lawns and tropical exotic plants has brought the garden to life. The renewed turtle pond attracts colourful birds and butterfly’s, which now regularly come into the garden area.

thailand pond designs
The turtles are happy in their new tropical pond

The Ambassador now enjoys coming into the garden with his family, rather than just solely occupying inside the home. 

tropical gardener
This vibrant water pot is a nice part of the new entrance garden

Another successful installation by Thai Garden Design for one of our most prestigious customers. We thank the Embassy of Singapore for giving us the opportunity to work with them to create their beautiful landscaped garden in Bangkok. Contact Thai Garden Design if you need help with your garden landscaping in Bangkok


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