Complete Hardwood Terrace for Bangkok Home (with Privacy Screening, and Pergola)

This latest work installed by the team consists of a large hardwood deck, running the full back and side of a home in Bangkok. The owners contacted Thai Garden Design as they were tired of living indoors without being able to utiilize the garden space.

hardwood decking bangkok

The decking itself is raised approximately 30 cm above ground level, and is built ontop of a piled reinforced concrete foundation, sloped for good drainage. Steps lead onto the deck from an entrance (gateway above) and steps also lead up into the house.

landscape garden designs with wood

The side of the house, before a grass pathway, is forever in shade and so making it difficult for anything to grow well. The grass therefore had largely died away, leaving bare earth and patchy weeds.

gardens of thailand

The old garden really detracted from this modern home. The new deck and pergola cover the unwanted views with a great looking, usable space. The kids can now play safely and cleanly outside, undercover.

modern hardwood deck thai

Privacy screening along the low walls allow this family to entertain and enjoy their lives in private, without the need to worry about nosy neighbors or prying eyes.

bangkok pergola and hardscape

The new decking has now unlocked around 80 sqm of space, that was unusable before. A great place for parties, hosting family and friend, and for children. If you want to change your garden landscape, contact us here at Thai Garden Design for more information.

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