Artificial Lawn for Pattaya Family …

Good grass lawns in Thailand can be hard to maintain. What with blazing sunshine and periods of heavy downpours, both grass and soil will take a battering. Only the most enthusiastic gardeners have great success with grass in Thailand, mainly due to sheer dedication, expense, and hard work.

real grass lawn pattaya

Thai Garden Design met with a UK expat living with his young family in Central Pattaya. He was tired of 'eyesore' grass and wanted the kids to be able to use the garden with ease. Finally it was decided that an artificial lawn would be the answer. The team got to work and removed all of the old lawn, and installed a compacted gravel base as a foundation for the new fake grass.

fake grass lawn pattaya

The old lawn was littered with a network of garden lamps and statues, all of which served little purpose but to take up valuable space. These were all removed. A large oil palm was sourced and installed at one end, with a vegetable patch located just behind the sala. However the lawn is left a clean, open space, great for somewhere for the kids to play.

tropical landscaping designs

The new artificial lawn offers an all year round, low maintenance garden. Perfect to kick a ball, have a picnic, or host a garden party. If you are located in Thailand and need help with your garden space, contact the tropical landscaping experts at Thai Garden Design for more information.

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