Attractive Hardscape Rock Garden

Following on from the hardwood decking terrace post, where the owners had a complete deck and shade pergola down one side and the back of the home, on the other side the area was littered with manholes and utility lids. Having tried various ideas, the couple were at a loss with what to do.

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The Thai Garden Design team designed a cemented rock garden pattern, a series of flowing pebbles designs embedded into a concrete slab. All utility lids and holes were patterned over as part of the design, making them far less noticeable. The cement foundation also means that weeds and grass cannot grow through, destroying the look of this part of the house.

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Before the owners had to navigate across a muddy sand pit, with littered pieces of wood or spare paving slabs… Now they have a wonderful hardscape rock garden, which is easy to maintain and keep clean.

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A true Thai style garden solution! If you need help with your garden landscaping in Thailand, contact Thai Garden Design for a friendly chat about your ideas.

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