Artificial Grass for Concrete Terraces and Patios

Is there an area around your home in Thailand where the ground / floor looks old, poorly laid, cracked or just generally beaten up? Is it a constant eye-sore? Do you think about how you can improve such an area, so your home looks better?

old terrace renewed thai garden design

In this example in Hua Hin, a couple who owned a holiday home were constantly aggravated by their small terrace at the back of the home. The sandwash had been poorly applied on top of the existing concrete, and so after a small amount of time after having purchased the home it began to crack and fall away. They contacted Thai Garden Design who helped to explore the best and most cost effective ways for improving the area. In the end, the consensus was agreed on artificial grass.

artificial grass hua hin thailand

The team at Thai Garden Design are experts at selecting and installing the best types of artificial grass, and in a way that remains problem free, professional and for the long term. This terrace area now looks 1000 time nicer, more pleasant on the eye, and improvement to the couples home.

If you are looking for a professional and friendly garden design and landscaping service, contact the team at Thai Garden Design.

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