Adding a Pergola to your Thai Garden Landscape

thai pergola landscaping A pergola in your Thai garden serves many functions. Firstly, it adds visual interest; the open-sided construction appears less space consuming than its gazebo counterpart, and will provide additional space in the smaller garden to which a gazebo might not be suited. A new pergola also gives extra shade and seclusion, as well as potentially being a linking feature within a landscape. Additionally, you are able to hang plants, baskets, lights and wind chimes from the side of a pergola, as well as grow suitable climbing plants.

building pergola in thailand A pergola is able to be a stand-alone feature, or it can also be attached to other structures, perhaps becoming a lean-to pergola, created against an existing wall (left).

Thai Garden Design will construct your pergola on site, and to your specifications, allowing us to design more complex structures.

Most common pergola structures are made from wood, although we often construct supporting posts from brick or stone.

It is important to choose carefully the area within your garden where you want to locate your pergola. The surrounding landscape should always be taken into consideration.

Within smaller gardens, pergolas are popularly used to link different areas of the garden together, or as a cover along a walkway, or as a place to sit. Wherever they are used, they will help to increase atmosphere and shade.

Overall, the pergola is a very versatile addition to your Thai garden. It can be used to hide ugly floor spaces, for instance, if you have a disused concrete base somewhere in the garden, the pergola is an excellent way to cure this, plus, a pergola can be installed cheaply, if you don't want to spend too much time and money building a gazebo. It is easily complemented with flowering plants and baskets around the overhang and base, or used to grow climbers or vines along the beams.

There are endless possibilities. If you are thinking about adding some extra features to your garden in Thailand, but don't know who to ask, email for more information.

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  1. Some of the most cost effective structures for gardens and yards are known as gazebos and pergolas. Not only do they serve as a decorative piece, but they provide shaded protection from harsh sun.

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