3D Garden Designs for Clear Landscape Visualisation

Do you want or need to get an idea of how a landscape design proposal will look upon completion?

3d landscape plan

In the case of larger projects, where important details can get overwhelmed on a standard two-dimensional plan, sometimes a 3D design is the answer. Whether it is a small space, or a larger development, our design team are able to create realistic 3D designs to assist in visualising the design concept within individual nooks and larger areas of a landscape.

garden landscape 3d

With a 3D design, customers can gain a greater appreciation of the proposal and the possibilities that the garden holds, the look of the plants and trees, and how the garden interacts with the sites buildings.

computer generated garden plan

With a clear visualisation a client is less likely to hit problems with a design during the build, thus eliminating additional costs and overruns with the project – again, a critical consideration with larger projects.

planning landscaping 3d computer design

Email ben@thaigardendesign.com for more information on getting your landscape project designed and installed from concept to completion.

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