What Path to Choose in a Tropical Climate?

Almost all gardens have at least one path in them and for many they are a critical piece of infrastructure around which the whole area is centred for display to the maximum advantage. But because of their mundane purpose it is not unusual for the paths themselves to be overlooked or simply glossed over in a design scheme – a critical error as they are an obvious core feature of the whole design.
When laying a path in your Thai garden you have to remember that not only do you want it to look attractive and in keeping with your garden’s theme, but also how it will age over time. There are three broad choices for the style of path that we recommend our clients choose from.

Sand Washed Concrete:
This style is very popular across Thailand and can be seen across the country wherever unsightly bare concrete needs to be beautified. As a coating that bonds with the underlying concrete its ease of installation, choice of colours in “gold”, “silver” and “black” (pictured) and comparatively low cost also add to its appeal.

tropical pathways

A word of caution needs to be considered when deciding on a sand wash finish. The most popular choice is “gold” sand wash, which gives a very attractive finish on construction but which in Thailand’s climate can soon turn dingy and lacklustre. This problem also affects the “silver” finish and to a lesser extent the “black”. With weekly maintenance this problem can be curbed, but many do not wish to spend the time necessary on a simple path and so we advise most clients to go with the “black” finish which ages better and can be maintained with much less effort.

Railway Sleepers:
Another popular choice are paths made from railway sleepers. Made of hard wood, these provide an attractive walkway that if mounted on a concrete base with sloped drainage should last for many years in good condition. With the addition of a wood stain for extra colour, which adds vibrancy to the wood, you get a path that needs little maintenance and ages well.

real sleeper pathway

Pebble and Paver: With the range of options open here concerning stone colour and size, natural rock flagstones or concrete as well as the inclusion of edging plants, stone paths are ever popular. With the use of a good weed net under the stones there is a minimal amount of undesired growth. By combining colours and sizes it is possible to create a unique feature in your garden that adds a whole new dimension of subtle complexity for the enjoyment of the viewer.

rock garden designs

Should you be interested in laying a new path and are seeking advice simply contact us with your requirements and we will be glad to assist you.

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