Water Feature and Garden for Bangkok Balcony

Does your balcony need a little life? Many balcony's in Bangkok have magnificent views of the Thai capital, but, sometimes it can pay to brighten up these areas up with some plant life, or features, to accompany or enhance the space. In this example, the owner of this balcony in Sathorn, Bangkok, was interested in improving his balcony by adding a new water feature… He wasn't sure exactly what it was he was after, but after some discussion and suggestions with the team at Thai Garden Design, he choose to add a nice waterpot, pebbles and plants that could withstand the exposure levels of the space.

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(the proposed site of the water feature in red, above) The team agreed a date and came and installed the feature within 1 day.

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The new feature and small rock garden sit proudly in the corner of the balcony, and were installed so that the view was as enjoyable when sitting inside the condo. The feature is easily turned on and easy to maintain, a specification of the owner who is often away overseas.

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The owner of this Bangkok condo can now enjoy both the fabulous views of the living, breathing city of Bangkok, as well as the little tranquil scene beside him created by himself and the team at Thai Garden Design…. If you have a balcony in Thailand which could use a nice balcony water feature / garden, don't delay, email ben@thaigardendesign.com for a friendly chat about your ideas.

3 thoughts on “Water Feature and Garden for Bangkok Balcony”

  1. I just love the idea of having a nice little garden like that on the balcony. Great work, looks like you did a lot in a little space. I’d never thought of landscaping being something you could apply to a balcony.

  2. Having plants, even when living in a condo, can be beneficial for a condo owner. Transforming a lifeless balcony into a lively garden is a great idea. Aside from beautifying the surroundings, plants also give a sense of tranquility.

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