Cat Enclosure for House in Bangkok

The team at Thai Garden Design were contacted by an expat couple in Bangkok who had recently moved to the city. They had also moved their cats over from Europe, and wanted to be able to let them outside safely, without threat of having them go stray. The cats were currently 'couped up' inside the house, desperate to venture outside.

cat enclosure bangkok

The house was located within a large housing estate in Bangkok, and so prior approval for the structure had to be given by the landlords, which included no physical attachments to the house…. The structure therefore had to be built 'free standing', yet still strong enough to provide longevity.

The enclosure stretches the length of the back of the property, around 15 metres, and is completely contained. The trees and foliage were to remain and so the team ensured the wood was built around the trunks of the trees, with small enough gaps to ensure the cats cannot get out (or others being able to get in).

dog enclosure bangkok

Shelves and 'walkways' within the enclosure were also part of the build, ensuring the cats have ample space to climb and be active around the enclosure amongst the trees.

garden animal enclosure

Cats and other animals from the outside are also kept from venturing 'onto the roof' of the enclosure, as the team installed a wire frame at the sides, ensuring they couldn't easily gain access onto the top of the structure.

pet enclosure thai

Finally, wooden doors were installed at either end of the enclosure, with keys provided. The enclosure now offers the owners a safe environment for their cats to roam outside, without fear of losing them.

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  1. So like a paradise!.Cats and other animals from the outside are also kept from venturing ‘onto the roof’ of the cat outside enclosure, thus I like the installed wire frame at the sides, ensuring they couldn’t easily gain access onto the top of the structure. Safe kitty kitty..

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