‘Two Garden Landscapes-in-One’ Garden Plan

2D thai house garden plan The really excellent aspect about this garden plan is you effectively create two different gardens within one plot.

Key: 1. Large patio around the house 2. Rectangular water pond with decking access from house and garden 3. Seating area covered with trees for shade. Trees also acting as screen from one garden to the next 4. Gazebo area for seating and shade 5. Pergola, offering shade and acting as a link between the two gardenscapes. The pergola also offers a screen from one garden to the next 6. Medium sized lawn for play and relaxation 7. Private area and featured beds.

Description: This medium sized plot has been cleverly separated into two very different garden spaces, each having their own benefits. The owner of this garden will effectively have ‘2 gardens for the price of 1’.

The outer areas are mainly covered by a thick shrub and tree line, helping to keep the garden private. Featured planted beds also play a part on the right hand side of the plan, running alongside the gazebo, and at the back line of the garden. 

The top portion by the house is largely patio, and with a medium sized pond / water feature adjacent to the homestead. This offers a nice opportunity to construct a pond-side decking that can act as a recreational area. There is also additional seating beside the pond, and in the gazebo, making this a very sociable and relaxing gardenscape. There is enough room in certain areas to incorporate a cooking or barbecue area for outdoor parties.

The pergola in the central part of the garden offers an attractive screen, and link between the two very different garden landscapes. This can be covered in creeper plants and decoration to help block sight from the two regions, making those within each side of the garden curious as to what lays on the other side.

The back portion of the garden offers a much more natural landscape to the top portion. There are many more trees, large areas of grass and minumal pathways. There are also lots of scope and potential for planting around the borders. This area is suitable for additional seating in a more private and natural setting.

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