Tropical Waterfall Garden for Pattaya Resident

The Thai Garden team recently installed a new waterfall and tropical landscaped garden for a Pattaya resident who wanted to do something 'unique' with his garden space.

waterfall garden thailand

The garden space was similar in style to other residences in that it basically consisted of a grass lawn and border planting. The customer said he wanted some water running down a waterfall into a natural rock pond, a new brick wall to cover the blank white space of the existing wall, lighting in and outside the pond, plus a sitting terrace as well as improvements to their raised terrace (picture above – right).

pattaya landscaped garden

The customer was at first a little concerned as they worked abroad and wanted to ensure the team could produce the work in his absence. This was confirmed, and nearly the entire job was completed in his absense, with emailed photos and updates, as and when requested.

landscape gardener thailand

The finished garden is a unique combination of natural materials and planting. The waterfall instantly creates a relaxed environment, and the wild colours and foliage attract a wide variety of birds and insect wildlife.

waterfall thailand

The owner can now enjoy the full expanse of his property (not just the bits inside). If you're an outdoor person, and would like to improve your existing garden in Thailand, then don't delay – email [email protected] for more information.

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