Block Driveway in Bangkok

Driveways can come in many shapes and styles in Thailand. Concrete is often a popular alternative, especially with a stamped or patterned finish, but there are alternatives.

In this example below, the Thai Garden Design team were asked to 'refresh' an old driveway that had stood the test of time, but was in need of replenishment in order to fit well with a new garden plan (also designed and installed by the team!).

new driveway bangkok

The team first removed the old driveway bricks, and then demolished the straight sides, which were to be re-made in a curved, organic style.

bangkok driveway company

The team ordered in the new bricks, and installed them at a specified time which suited the owner (whilst they were away, so no need to use the driveway).

landscape design bangkok

The new driveway is a nicer, warmer and more inviting colour that compliments the new grass and garden style (more information on the site later). The bricks have been professionally laid, and cut so that they fit neatly up against the new 'curved' pattern, which has also been professionally constructed.

paver drive bangkok house

(shot above – after a light rain) – Now the owner has a much brighter start to the day, as the old grey driveway has gone, replaced with this new, brighter version and with some new planting and grass at the sides.

If your current driveway is a bit old and dull, why not look to have it refreshed by the professionals at Thai Garden Design? Email [email protected].

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