Tropical Thai & Japanese Style Rock Garden for Pattaya Expat recently designed a tropical Thai and Japanese style rock garden for an established expat resident of Pattaya. (For a better overal view of the new garden, view the pictures here). The existing garden was a failry bland combination of a grass lawn, large trees and mid range trees cut into circular shapes as seen in many Thai style gardens (and which the owner wasn't keen).

bangkok garden design

After the garden design was approved by the owner, the team began work and removed all the existing plants and unwanted trees and the majority of the grass also. Landscaping textile was installed throughout the areas that were to make up the new rock gardens.

thai landscaping and garden

A combination of rocks, pebbles and pavers were used along with a varied and colourful plant selection chosen by the Thai Garden team. New lights were also fitted, replacing the old style lights which looked worn.

pattaya garden designer and landscapes

All the old style Thai trees were replaced with a modern planting scheme, which complements the Thai / Japanese garden style.

landscaping thailand

The new layout was a hit with the owner, who was extremely pleased with the transformation from his old front yard to the new garden design.

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If you are in the process of redesigning your home in Thailand, and you are looking for a professional, reliable, and cost effective landscaping partner, look no further. Contact for a consultation about your various requirements.

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We pull out all the stops to ensure you get the garden landscape of your dreams. (View the full picture gallery of this new garden here).

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